Didier Deschamps’s French home vandalised amid accusations of racism

The French manager might have wanted a tranquil build-up to the Euros but he is not getting it

French national team manager Didier Deschamps has had his home in Concarneau, in the Brittany region of northeast France, vandalised with the word 'racist' scrawled across it. 

Deschamps has been caught up in a nasty situation involving Eric Cantona, Karim Benzema amid claims that he has “bowed to the pressure of a racist part of France” by exluding the likes of Benzema and Hatem ben Arfa - players of Algerian and Tunisian descent respectively.

Benzema would have been a no-brainer had it not been for an alleged blackmailing of teammate Mathieu Valbuena over a sextape that resulted in a criminal investation. The Real Madrid striker was an important piece of the puzzle as the Spanish giants went on to secure their 11th Champions League victory but the blackmailing of a teammate was a bridge too far for Deschamps as he excluded the 28-year-old from his squad.

The situation was not helped by French politician Marion Le Pen, who told Benzema to go and play for "his own country."