Dr Willie Stewart: "The amount of brain injuries that are happening is simply unacceptable"

The leading neuropathologist is seriously considering his position on World Rugby’s Independent Concussion Advisory Group.

BY Alex Rousseau 13:15 Wednesday 15 March 2017, 13:15 15 Mar 2017

"The game cannot go on like this."

Dr Willie Stewart, Consultant and Lead Neuropathologist at the Southern General Hospital, Glasgow, and one of the advisors to World Rugby on concussion is not seeing the changes happening that are needed and told George Hook as much on High Noon today.

"People in rugby is conflicted at the moment", said world-leading brain injury expert told George, "People are reveling in the glory of the big hits, but in promoting that, we're seeing a game that is becoming unplayable."

He explained to George that World Rugby is seeing huge opportunities to grow the game, and in doing so, is heavily promoting international rugby, where the collisions are simply becoming more and more fierce, and unfortunately this is part of the spectacle that is attracting many to watch the sport.

Dr Stewart had already made it clear earlier this week that he was seriously considering his position on World Rugby’s Independent Concussion Advisory Group, and he explained to George that it's because he just doesn't see enough being done to stop brain injuries happening.

"I can't see that we're making a difference if this level of concussion continues. I'm not seeing hard evidence of anything change."

He cited Saturday's game between England and Scotland, where he counted 5 incidents of a Head Injury Assessment (HIA) being needed, and Dr Stewart maintained that that is simply unacceptable.

You can listen to the full interview by clicking below.

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