Tony Ward urges people to get checked out

The former rugby international recently recovered from prostate cancer

Tony Ward urges people to get checked out

©INPHO/James Crombie

Former rugby international Tony Ward is urging people around the country to arrange a medical check-up if they have any suspicions about their health.

Ward has recovered from prostate cancer in recent times, and speaking on the Pat Kenny Show today, he recalled the background of his diagnosis, and the symptoms he was experiencing.

"Over a period of time I was beginning to go to the loo a little bit more", he said. "When I was out and about during the day, particularly at night and I assumed it was just the ageing process which it may well have been as I've since discovered. But it alerted me to it."

"I did nothing at all about it for I'd say the best part of three years and I just assumed it would go away. When I eventually went to get checked my PSA was tested and I was way over the limit. It was quite an aggressive strain at the time. I went through a lot of treatment at that time but touch wood I'm very much on the mend now."

Ward went on to further explain the nature of his condition and emphasised the need to book a check-up with your GP, if you notice anything unusual about your health.

"It was described to me like an orange, the juice was seeping through the orange peel. Where I was lucky was that it hadn't gone into my other organs.

"Immediately I had hormone implants, brachytherapy, followed by five weeks of radiation in the Beacon clinic. I guess the combination of them all thankfully worked, so I was lucky. But the message again is the obvious one, when you are suspicious of anything regardless, get it checked."

 "(It) knocked me for six a little bit I must admit. Whether we admit it or not we all think we are kind of invincible and we are anything but."

Listen to the full interview, which also features GP Dr John O'Keeffe: