Dublin GAA club Cuala release a powerful video to promote mental health awareness

The club recently reached the final of the Leinster Senior Club Hurling Championship

BY Daniel Kelly 14:23 Thursday 12 May 2016, 14:23 12 May 2016

Dublin GAA club Cuala have released a video promoting mental health awareness in their club. 

The film's producer Colmán McKenna said; "What we wanted to do with the video was to open a discussion about how we look after our mental health, and to try and normalise it, by comparing our mental health to our physical health".

In the video, Cuala compare receiving treatment for a physical injury to that of a mental one in an effort to try and break down the stigma of reaching out, when needing a hand.

"What if it wasn't a pulled muscle or a dead leg? What if it wasn't a physical injury? What if you were stressed or anxious? What if you were feeling down or not eating properly? What if you couldn't play the next match? Wouldn't you tell your team mates or your coach? Wouldn't you get trained help from a professional and look after yourself? If a team mate was down, wouldn't you lift them back up?"

It's brilliant to see a community club, take the initiative in promoting something that is becoming an ever-increasing issue around Ireland in rural and urban communities.

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