Eamon Dunphy blames Jose Mourinho's departure on the fact that he's "an a***hole"

The outspoken pundit put forward one main reason for the manager's departure

Jose Mourinho, Chelsea,

Image: John Walton / PA Wire/Press Association Images

Jose Mourinho's departure was announced on Thursday, and in the wake of the manager leaving Stamford Bridge for the second time, Eamon Dunphy offered his take on where it went wrong for the Portuguese. 

Speaking to Ray D'Arcy, Dunphy stated that there appeared to have been a falling out between the players and the manager that had made his position untenable, and the main issue was a clash of personalities...of sorts. 

He put it rather bluntly, saying that "it has become a cliché but it’s like any manager in any organisation, whether it’s a football club or a broadcaster or a newspaper – if you’re an arsehole and people don’t like you they won’t work for you".

Dunphy also stated that he believed Mourinho's next move would be to Paris Saint-Germain, "where he’ll be reunited with Ronaldo, and that will be a whole new chapter in the soap opera". 

Meanwhile, it seems that Mourinho will be replaced on the Chelsea bench by Guus Hiddink, at least in the short term, until a suitable replacement can be found. 

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