Enda Varley: "You nearly resent the fact that you have to travel three hours to make a game"

The Mayo man has swapped his home club of Garrymore for Dublin side St Vincents

Enda Varley

Image: ©INPHO/Donall Farmer 

Enda Varley admitted the demands of club football took their toll on him after his move to Dublin and described what it was like travelling back to make training and matches for club as well as county.

"I was travelling up and down, I’m up here six years," he said. "It was a very difficult decision and it wasn’t taken lightly.

"I found it hard spending three hours in a car, coming into my late 20s. My body was telling me one thing… But I’m enjoying my football a lot more now. You nearly resent the fact that you have to travel three hours to make a game.

"I’ve a life now, it’s a lot, lot easier for myself." 

Varley now togs out for Dublin side St. Vincents alongside teammates Ger Brennan and the divisive Diarmuid Connolly.

Varley’s spell with the Mayo senior squad drew to a halt last year, having taken part in two All-Ireland finals in both 2012 and 2013, beaten on both occasions, first by Donegal and then by Dublin.

Club competition, he says, is just as fierce as it is in Mayo where supporters are "fanatic", but that the quality between the two varies slightly.

"It’s definitely drier up here. The pitches are certainly drier up here… I won’t say there’s a lot in it. It would be a slightly higher standard Dublin.

"Obviously you have more people joining clubs, you’ve massive catchment areas. There’s a lot of competition up here.

"It’s not an excuse but it’s wetter down in Mayo, the pitches are not as good and obviously the standard of football won’t be as good because of it… To me when you have wetter conditions the standard won’t be as high.

"It’s [still] very intense down there and Mayo people love their football."


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