Eric Cantona features in the most bizarre round-up of Euro 2016 you will see

The Frenchman is at his brilliant best in this video release ahead of the last 16 matches

No stranger to controversy is Our Eric but this video released by Eurosport of Eric Cantona is one of the most eccentric moves the Frenchman has made.

From launching an attack on Didier Deschamps pre-tournament regarding his politics to kung-fu kicking Crystal Palace fans, Cantona does and says what he feels like doing and saying. And while it almost feels like he is playing up to a crowd, faking that level of insanity is not something that comes easy.

Chances are, you've read round-ups, previews, reviews, predictions, analysis and '5 things we learned' pieces with comforting frequency during the Euros but you can rest assured that you have not seen anything quite like this.

At one stage during his round-up, Cantona likens the Irish to Jesus Christ Himself in declaring that we "multiplied the bread and turned water into wine" along with singing babies to sleep and being the life of the party.

And it also seems as though you won't get a slice of coverage of Euro 2016 without the sandwiching in of "the Will Grigg song", although Cantona seems to think his name is Will Gribb. 

 Never change, Eric. Never change.