Eva Carneiro's case will go to a full employment tribunal after failing to reach agreement with Chelsea

The former Chelsea doctor is taking legal proceedings against her employer for wrongful dismissal

Eva Carneiro, Chelsea, doctor,

Image: Alastair Grant / AP/Press Association Images

Former Chelsea doctor Eva Carneiro's constructive dismissal case came before the courts today, where she failed to reach a settlement agreement. 

Carneiro left the club in September after she was dropped from first-team duties following criticism from then manager Jose Mourinho.

On Wednesday, she attended a preliminary hearing at the London South Employment Tribunal in Croydon, where no agreement was reached over the constructive dismissal claim. As a result, the case will now go to a full employment tribunal. 

Speaking to Sky Sports, reporter Geraint Hughes outlined that the legal team were looking for Carneiro to be reinstated to her previous position with the club, among other conditions.

"There are also sex discrimination charges against the former Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho. They're looking for personal injury compensation and aggravated damages against Chelsea Football Club as well". 

There is no exact date set yet for the full tribunal, but Hughes stated that it appears it will be at the end of the season at the earliest, and will most probably teak place at the beginning of June.