Ex-Honduras president admits taking bribes in FIFA scandal

Rafael Callejas later became head of the Honduran FA

Ex-Honduras president admits taking bribes in FIFA scandal

Honduran ex-President, Rafael Leonardo Callejas arrives at the International Airport of El Salvador Tuesday Sept. 19, 2006, after being denied entry by immigration authorities in Miami. Roberto Bermudez, Honduras' ambassador to the U.S., told HRN radio that there were apparently problems with Callejas' visa. (AP Photo/La Prensa Grafica)

A former president of Honduras has admitted to taking bribes in the wide-ranging FIFA football scandal.

Rafael Callejas, a member of the world governing body's television and marketing committee, has pleaded guilty to conspiracy charges in a federal court.

He told the judge that he had accepted bribes and distributed some of the money to others.

Callejas said he knew it was wrong.

He served as his country's president between 1990 and 1994 before taking the reins of the Honduran football association and seeing Honduras qualify for the 2010 and 2014 World Cups while in charge.