FIFA disbands their Racism Task Force

The Association claim it has "fulfilled its temporary mission"

FIFA disbands their Racism Task Force

Netherlands and Costa Rica players holding a Say No To Racism banner prior to their 2014 World Cup quarter-final. Picture by: Nick Potts / EMPICS Sport

FIFA have disbanded their Task Force against Racism and Discrimination.

AP claim that the Association has written to its members stating the Task Force "completely fulfilled its temporary mission" and "is hereby dissolved and no longer in operation."

The Task Force was created in March 2013, and was originally headed by Jeffrey Webb. The Caymanian was subsequently arrested for corruption charges and lost his position. Congo's Constant Omari led the Task Force in its final months.

Despite the disbandment of the Task Force, some members are unhappy with FIFA's stance.

"The problem of racism in football remains a burning, very serious and topical one, which need continuous attention", Osasu Obayiuwana told AP. 

"I personally think there remained a lot of very serious work for the task force to have done — the 2018 World Cup in Russia being one such matter. But it is evident the FIFA administration takes a different position."

The news comes as a surprise ahead of the 2018 World Cup in Russia. Racist abuse towards non-white players continues on a weekly basis in the former Soviet nation. According to the SOVA Center, there were almost 100 discriminatory incidents logged last season. That is more than the previous two seasons combined.