Facebook has introduced a Euro 2016 inspired game for its messenger app

Keepy Up on messenger may have taken inspiration from a basketball mini-game previously

Thumbs at the ready.

If you just can't get enough of the feast of football this June and July, worry not. Facebook is looking out for you.

The biggest ever European Championships has just finished its first round of games and the Copa America also continues Stateside, so naturally football (or soccer as it's known to our American cousins) has been thrust into the social conscience.

Facebook, never ones to miss a trick, have decided to capitalise on this (as they did with their basketball mini-game during March Madness) and introduce its latest game to their Messenger app.

Keepy Up on Messenger will be sure to satisfy your footballing needs in those hour long gaps between fixtures during the group stage.

If 51 games spread over 31 days just isn't enough, you can access the game in messenger by doing the following:

"You can play with your friends in the Messenger app by sending the soccer emoji in an open Messenger thread and tapping on it to begin the game," Facebook released in a statement, "The more times you tap the ball to keep it in the air, the more points you will get.

"Your high score will be shared with the friend or friends you’re playing with in the Messenger conversation."

They've obviously been inspired by the March Madness basketball game, the social network claim that around a billion games were played over a 90 day period.

So what are you waiting for? Get practicing.