Fans start petition to change name of local town after Kevin Durant leaves Oklahoma

The star decided to join Golden State Warriors earlier this summer

Fans start petition to change name of local town after Kevin Durant leaves Oklahoma

Keith Allison (Wikimedia Commons)

Kevin Durant's departure from Oklahoma City earlier this summer was a tough blow for a lot of the fans to take.

Having come so close to beating Golden State Warriors, they never expected that one of the key players in their team would decide to join their rivals, and it lead to plenty of protests as fans hit out at the star, calling him every name under the sun and burning his jersey within minutes of the announcement. 

Some of the supporters still seem to be struggling with the move at this stage too, after a petition was lodged on to rename a local town. 

Durant, which is apparently "the magnolia capital of Oklahoma" and has a population of just over 15,000 people, has nothing to do with the basketball star, but was rather named after its founder Dixon Durant. 

That notwithstanding, the petition believes that the mere mention of the name Durant is too much, as he has "torn out our hearts, and left our beloved Oklahoma City Thunder in depleted shape."

It goes on to say that, even after he was "offered a cabinet position for the State of Oklahoma," Durant decided to leave and "because of this heinous action" the town should be renamed to Westbrook, in honour of Russell Westbrook, who signed an extension with the team instead.

There are nearly 1,500 signatures on the petition at time of writing, which was the goal, but something tells us that they might need a bit more than a few angry basketball fans to get a town to change its name. 

Via Bleacher Report