First #BoostYourAwareness Touch Rugby Blitz to take place on May 19th

We're looking for one team to represent Newstalk - and they'll be coached by George Hook himself

First #BoostYourAwareness Touch Rugby Blitz to take place on May 19th

Cadbury Boost ambassadors (left to right) Fiona Coghlan, Jordi Murphy and Alan Quinlan

The first ever #BoostYourAwareness Touch Rugby Blitz will take place on May 19th, aiming to raise thousands of euro for charity.

The event was launched yesterday by Dave Kearney and Cadbury Boost ambassadors Fiona Coghlan, Jordi Murphy and Newstalk's own Alan Quinlan.

The blitz will take place at Lansdowne Rugby Football Club, and is expected to raise more than €10,000 for mental health charity Aware.

The event is aiming to highlight and educate participants on the importance of maintaining positive mental health by staying active.

Teams will consist of 8 to 12 players each, with six of those players - three men and three women - on the pitch at any one time.

20 teams will be going head-to-head on the day. We’re looking for one team to represent Newstalk – and best of all, George Hook will be coaching the chosen team.

Cadbury Boost ambassadors, (standing) Dave Kearney, (sitting l to r) Jordi Murphy, Fiona Coghlan and Alan Quinlan

As well as the touch rugby, the many other events on the day will include yoga and Pilates classes, strength & conditioning sessions, and mental well-being talks from Aware.

The day will end with a BBQ, prize-giving ceremony and a special live broadcast from Newstalk’s Off the Ball.

Cadbury Boost ambassadors (l to r) Alan Quinlan, Fiona Coghlan and Jordi Murphy

Gerry O’Brien - Head of Fundraising and Business Development with Aware - explained: “The #BoostYourAwareness Touch Rugby Blitz is a great fit for us, as it highlights many of the practices we encourage. Staying active is a great way to boost your mood and maintain your positive mental health and Touch Rugby, being an all-inclusive sport, is also a great form of social inclusion – something each and every one of us needs.

“This is one of many campaigns which Cadbury runs to benefit Aware and the services we provide. Without this kind of regular funding, we would not be able to support those going through difficult times in their lives," he added.

Cadbury Boost ambassador Fiona Coghlan

Anyone looking to put a team together can nominate themselves to represent Newstalk by taking a picture of their team and emailing it to [email protected]

One lucky team will then be picked out to receive exclusive coaching from George ahead of the main event on May 19th.

You can also register a team for the event here, with the full €500 entry fee per team going directly to Aware.