Football League investigating the potential takeover of Nottingham Forest by Greek businessman

The club will not comment on the potential takeover but insist it will be done with the approval of the respected authorities

The Football League are investigating the potential takeover of Nottingham Forest by a banned business man.

The current owner of the club, Fawaz al-Hasawi, a Kuwaiti businessman, has been in advanced talks to sell a majority share to Evangelos Marinakis, who also owns Olympiakos in Greece.

A 173-report by a Greek prosecutor last April alleges that Marinakis tried “to absolutely control Greek football’s fate by the methods of blackmailing and fraud”, according to the Guardian.

He also remains charged with five criminal offences, which include being involved in blowing up a bakery owned by a referee. He is set to be cleared of any wrongdoing in a match-fixing case that is due a verdict very soon.

The businessman is banned from being involved in any football administration in Greece.

While the criminal case drags on, Marinakis paid a €200,00 bail and was banned from taking an active role in Olympiakos or Greek football but could be on the brink of taking over as the majority shareholder of Nottingham Forest.

A spokesman for Forest said: “The club will not be providing an official response on any potential individuals who may be investing in the club. However, the club can assure all supporters that any potential investment will be carried out with the full approval from all relevant governing bodies required, to ensure the best outcome for Nottingham Forest Football Club.”