Football fan uses 56 train tickets to reach stadium

A Newcastle supporter saved £60 getting to a game, while also highlighting the fluctuation in fees you pay to get to matches around Britain

BY Newstalk 14:23 Wednesday 1 February 2017, 14:23 1 Feb 2017

Image: IRN

A football fan who travelled with 56 tickets to a match to save money has highlighted the confusion of the British rail fares system.

Newcastle supporter Jonathan Heywood posted a picture on twitter of the tickets laid on his bed and jokingly thanked his friend for "the worst advice AV ever received".

"Get a split ticket to oxford he said. FIFTY SIX TICKETS ARE YOU HAVING ME ON". But he did say the split tickets saved him £60.

"Well I couldn't believe it at first, but in the end it was actually worth it and I would do it again," Mr. Heywood told Sky News.

"There were 56 tickets, so 28 each for me and my girlfriend, and we split them into 4 envelopes - 14 each way for each of us - so it was manageable.

"The only hassle was our reservation changed every couple of stops so we sat in two unreserved seats for the whole journey."

Sadly they missed the match because his girlfriend had to go to hospital after cutting her lip open when she slipped over entering the ground.

Now following years of confusion, Britain's rail fares system is to be overhauled in a trial of easier ways to buy the cheapest tickets.

The pricing of single journeys will be brought in for some trips so passengers find it easier to work out if they would be better off with two single tickets or a return ticket.

Some fares for long, connecting journeys will be axed in favour of cheaper existing tickets, in an effort to eliminate the need for split ticketing.

There are also plans to make it easier to use ticket vending machines.


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