Football law makers to discuss potential sin-bin introduction

The International Football Association Board will examine the possibility of introducing new rules

BY Raf Diallo 18:40 Wednesday 1 February 2017, 18:40 1 Feb 2017

Premier League referee Jon Moss. Picture by John Walton PA Archive/PA Images

Football's law-makers will discuss introducing sin-bins when they hold their annual meeting next month.

It is expected that yellow card offences would lead to players being given a cooling off period.

The International Football Association Board (IFAB), a body made up of FIFA and the home nations' associations, will also consider the use of video referees. 

They have already trialled them in more than 20 matches, including at the recent FIFA World Club Cup.

Dutch footballing great Marco van Basten, who is FIFA's Chief Officer for Technical Development, had recently suggested sin-bins as he outlined potential rule changes that could be made to football.

The German Football League was supportive of Van Basten in regards to his proposal to introduce sin-bins to the sport.

"Sin bins make much more sense for the match than yellow cards," said the league's CEO Christian Seifert.

The IFAB set out the agenda for their AGM which will be their 131st, saying of sin-bins that, "Additionally, as part of “Modifications”, the proposal to allow temporary dismissals (sin bins) in youth, veterans, disability and grassroots football for yellow card offences will be considered following tests in UEFA’s development competitions over the last three years."

The sin-bin has been part of the laws of rugby union for almost two decades at Six Nations level, with its introduction in the Northern Hemisphere's flagship tournament coming in 2000.

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