Former employee of Premier League club accused of sexual abuse 'still works in sport'

A raft of sexual abuse cases have emerged in recent weeks

Former employee of Premier League club accused of sexual abuse 'still works in sport'

Andrew Matthews PA Wire/PA Images

A former employee of the Southampton Football club who was accused of sexually abusing young players in the past, is reportedly still working in sport.

The person in question is believed to have worked in other clubs and is thought to have left the Southampton club after concerns were raised about his interaction with the youth players, according to a programme on BBC Radio 4.

The programme also reported that the ex-staff member was also asked to leave one of the other clubs he was working for and is still working in the game.

A number of victims of sexual abuse at football clubs have publicly opened up about their experiences in recent weeks. Former football coach Barry Bennell was charged during the week, with eight offences of sexual assault against a boy under the age of 14. The offences allegedly took place between 1981 and 1985.

Andy Woodward spoke to Off The Ball about his history of sexual abuse at the hands of Bennell at the Crewe football club recently, after his story first appeared in The Guardian. Respected football figures in England including Wayne Rooney and Alan Shearer have voiced their support for those who have spoken out about their harrowing experience of abuse.

Investigations into an estimated 350 cases of sexual abuse in English youth football are still ongoing while the Southampton club has said it will work with police in relation to their own case.