From toast of Kerry schools football to the guy who got jocked on national telly

David Clifford put in a superstar performance as St. Brendan's claimed the Hogan Cup

You've just scored 2-05 and delivered your school their first all-Ireland win in over 25 years, surely you are now untouchable amongst your team-mates and roundly respected by your peers. 

Well, not so apparently, as Kerry youth David Clifford discovered in embarrassing circumstances today. 

Awarded man of the match for a stunning performance from centre-forward, Clifford was carrying out his post-match interview duties when one of his team-mates, who was still feeling the spirit of April Fools' Day, crept up behind him and pulled down his shorts. 

It was all in good spirits it seems, as the star man managed to chuckle it off and carry on with the interview. A consummate professional already...