GAA players are urging men to check themselves for Testicular Cancer Awareness Month

Lee Chin, Killian Clarke and Emlyn Mulligan are all those raising awareness for testicular cancer

BY Cian Roche 18:10 Friday 29 April 2016, 18:10 29 Apr 2016

To mark Testicular Cancer Awareness Month, the Movember Foundation and the GAA have come together urge men to check themselves for testicular cancer.

Some prominent GAA players feature in the Movember Foundation's newly-released photo series. 

Wexford hurler, Lee Chin.

Jason Hughes, Emlyn Mulligan, Lee Chin and Killian Clarke are pictured 'copping a feel' to raise awareness of testicular cancer.

The series encourages men and their partners to check themselves regularly, as the players are pictured in different situations throughout the house.

Cavan footballer, Killian Clarke.

The mission of Testicular Cancer Awareness Month is "to educate the country about what’s normal and most importantly, what’s not."

Testicular cancer is viewed as a young man's disease and is most common in men aged 15-34.

The campaign highlights that many men do not check their testicles, or don’t know how to perform a self-examination, making it all the more critical that awareness around the issue is improved.

Leitrim footballer, Emlyn Mulligan

The Movember Foundation and the GAA are encouraging men to become more informed about the risks they face and how they can check for signs.

"I’m proud to raise awareness for Testicular Cancer Awareness Month and get guys around the country to #KnowThyNuts" said former senior Monaghan footballer Jason Hughes.

"Even now, it can be difficult for young men to talk about subjects like testicular cancer, even though it’s absolutely a conversation we need to be having. It’s so important to check yourself and see a doctor if you notice anything unusual – I’m grateful for the opportunity to spread the word!”

Former Monaghan footballer, Jason Hughes.

“While testicular cancer is the most common cancer in young men, it’s largely overlooked and many men simply are not aware of the signs they need to look out for" said Neil Rooney, Movember country manager.

Movember is encouraging men to see a doctor if they notice any lumps, pain or swelling.

It’s important to perform a self-examination regularly and not just for Testicular Awareness Month.

The campaign has this advice for men who wan to perform a self examination. 

•       Find somewhere comfortable; a warm environment is best.
•       Roll one testicle between the thumb and fingers, checking for lumps, swelling or anything doesn't feel right
•       Repeat with the second testicle 
•       If something feels unusual or hurts, seek advice from a doctor

You can find out more at to purchase limited Testicular Cancer Awareness Month products and find out more information.

Check out @MovemberIreland and #KnowThyNuts on Twitter and Facebook to follow the conversation.

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