GAA Congress: Reaction to 'Super 8' proposal being passed

The first six motions have gotten the nod but players at outraged at the acceptance of the Super 8 proposal

GAA Congress: Reaction to 'Super 8' proposal being passed

©INPHO/James Crombie

The annual GAA Congress is taking place at the moment and the first six motions up for contention, have been passed.

The motions which have been accepted so far, relate to issues such as betting on GAA games, allowing the GPA to put a maximum of one motion to Congress, and abolishing replays except in the case of provincial and All-Ireland finals.

The football and hurling All-Ireland finals will also be brought forward, meaning that they will be played on or before the last Sunday in August.

But there is one motion which has sparked fury in GAA players across Ireland.

Motion 4 proposed the idea of introducing a group stage to replace All-Ireland football quarter-finals. The controversial proposal, which became known as the 'Super 8' structure in the build-up to the Congress, would see the eight teams divided into two groups of four.

The Club Players Association (CPA) and Gaelic Players Association (GPA) both voiced their opposition at this proposal, but it had the support of a number of county delegates, thus resulting in it being passed by an overwhelming with a 76% majority of the votes.

GAA players past and present have been expressing their disgust on social media: