WATCH: Alan Brogan on how distracting the All Ireland final ticket situation can be for players

The Sports Safe ambassador and former Dublin footballer joined Joe and Mayo's Cora Staunton for a Facebook Live

BY Raf Diallo 17:35 Wednesday 13 September 2017, 17:35 13 Sep 2017

As the All Ireland Football Final between Dublin and Mayo closes in this Sunday, the rush for tickets is chief among the concerns outside the respective panels.

But is that something that can also reach the ears of the players?

Former Dublin footballer and Cleanmarine Tested Sports Safe ambassador Alan Brogan, brother of current panel member Bernard, knows a thing or two about that as we found out as he and Mayo Ladies football star Cora Staunton joined us for a Facebook Live.

"Occasionally you'd get people chancing their arms," said Alan, who retired from inter-county duty in December 2015, of how often people approached him for tickets.

"But it was funny though, a few years ago when I started playing, there were no Ticketmasters around, there was no online tickets, so I could be getting 40 or 50 tickets for Leinster Championship games. Unfortunately, we didn't reach too many All Ireland finals back then.

"And it was funny, in 2011, with myself, Bernard, Paul and my cousin James on the panel, between the four of us we probably had 50 tickets for the All Ireland, so it was great.

"This week, we only have four unfortunately. It was quiet during the week but the last couple of days, more and more people are coming out looking for them."  

He explained that the official ticket allocation for players for an All Ireland final was 16 tickets per player and that manager Jim Gavin's advice is to sort out the ticket situations out early, "give them off to your Dad or your wife or somebody to look after the money and stuff so you're not involved in it because it is a distraction with people texting you and ringing you." 

Cora and Alan were here for the launch of the Tested Sports Safe campaign. Naturalife Health produce health food supplements like Cleanmarine for Men and Cleanmarine for Women which feature the official Tested Sports Safe® logo on pack, meaning they contain no prohibited substances and reassuring athletes that they are taking Sports Safe supplements. Available in all health stores and pharmacies.


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