Was Dotsy O'Callaghan tempted to stay on for Dublin hurlers' Pat Gilroy era?

He spoke to Eoin on OTB AM and welcomed the new manager

BY Raf Diallo 12:14 Thursday 8 February 2018, 12:14 8 Feb 2018

Last November, Dotsy O'Callaghan pulled the curtain down on a 15 year career in the blue hue of the Dublin hurlers.

The timing means he won't be part of the new era for the panel as ex-All Ireland winning Dublin football boss takes the reins of the hurling panel. 

Was he tempted to extend his career for another year just to get a taste of Gilroy's methods?

He and Wexford's Jack Guiney joined Eoin on OTB AM and O'Callaghan explained his decision to call it a day.

"Absolutely there was," he said when asked if there had been a temptation to stay on once Gilroy was appointed.

"But I'd had back surgery the previous year and for last year I hadn't really been part of the squad to be honest. I was doing my own work and managed to get back for the Championship and featured in the last two games and I suppose that felt like a bit of an achievement for me in itself, getting back. I had probably in my own head at that point, I had said, 'Maybe, it's time here now'".

Watch OTB AM back in full on YouTube:

While he might not be part of what Gilroy is looking to build, O'Callaghan is confident that the new manager can bring positives. 

"I think it was a great move getting Pat Gilroy as manager and his management team," he said.

"To be honest, I did try. I went in the gym myself on my own for a month and really tried to work it and push myself just to see where I was at and I just felt I was just falling a bit short of where I wanted to get to." 


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