GALLERY: Zidane to Newcastle and other transfer moves that could have happened

Team 33 look into 'what ifs' that could have been signed, sealed and delivered but for stumbling blocks

Zinedine Zidane, Newcastle

Picture by: Rui Vieira / PA Archive/Press Association Images

Imagine a veteran Johan Cruyff setting up chances for a young Gary Lineker.

That could have happened at Leicester City in the early 1980s if the club had been able to beat Spanish side Levante to the late Dutch football master's signature.

It's a piece detailed by Adrian Collins on with contributions from the La Liga side's press officer Emilio Nadal and In Bed With Maradona editor Jeff Livingstone.

That story was a starting point for one segment on this week's Team 33: Signings that could have turned out to be huge if they had got over the line.

So between Joe Coffey, Derek Ryan and I, we looked at the reasons why past examples like all the big ones Arsene Wenger came close to signing failed as well as the stories behind Paul McGrath to Maradona's Napoli, Gerrard to Chelsea, Zidane to Newcastle and Blackburn and Robert Lewandowski to the latter Lancashire club.

You can listen to that segment after this week's interview with The Guardian's Spanish football expert Sid Lowe. T'is also available on iTunes:

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 Paul McGrath to Napoli

The Ireland legend would have been well worth his place alongside Maradona and Careca.


Picture by: FRANCO CASTANO' / AP/Press Association Images

Zidane to Blackburn

There's a reason why it's Tim Sherwood's body that is being used here.


 Picture by: Neal Simpson / EMPICS Sport

 Zidane to Newcastle

The red card is not a for a headbutt

Picture by: Rui Vieira / PA Archive/Press Association Images

 Yaya Toure to Arsenal

A far younger and fresh-faced Yaya trains with brother Kolo and Cesc Fabregas.

 Picture by: Fiona Hanson / PA Archive/Press Association Images

 Cristiano Ronaldo to Arsenal

 That post Invincibles team could have been pretty special if he, Toure and Zlatan Ibrahimovic had all been signed.

Picture by: Sean Dempsey / PA Archive/Press Association Images

 Gerrard to Chelsea

Roman didn't get his way. But he got close

Picture by: Nick Potts / PA Wire/Press Association Images

Lewandowski to Blackburn

An ash cloud literally got in the way

 Picture by: JON SUPER / AP/Press Association Images