GPA calls on Congress delegates to oppose second tier championship

"We would urge Congress delegates to back the players here"

The Gaelic Players Association (GPA) has called on delegates to Congress to oppose any proposals which intend to create a second tier All-Ireland football championship.

Central Council had proposed the creation of a B Championship for mostly Division 4 teams, with the GPA disappointed that their own championship structure proposals were not given consideration.

The GPA are now asking delegates to oppose any motions that would introduce a second tier competition.

GPA secretary Paul Flynn said: "We have spent over a year discussing new structures and changes with our football members and there remains serious opposition to the introduction of a second tier in the football championship. The squads directly affected if change is introduced have also voted recently not to participate in the new format. We would urge Congress delegates to back the players here and oppose the motions advocating a second tier in the senior football championship."