Galway's Leinster hurling bid under threat

The county is calling for its teams to be fully incorporated into the Leinster championship.

Galway's Leinster hurling bid under threat

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Galway's bid to have its inter-county hurling teams fully integrated into the Leinster championship is under threat due to an issue with the motion to go before Congress next weekend.

The proposal requests that Galway's minor, U-21 and intermediate teams be added to the Leinster championship alongside their senior outfit. The motion is due to come into effect from 2018 onwards.

Leinster council however, suggest that there is an error with the motion that is due to be discussed at Congress, stating that it differs from the motion which was passed at the Galway Convention.

The error relates to the provincial championship which Galway wish to participate in.

There were rumblings before Christmas that suggested Galway wanted to switch to the Munster championship, after previously joining the Leinster competition in 2009.

The Liam Mellows club submitted a motion at the county convention, requesting for Galway to withdraw from the Leinster championship in its current format, and be allowed to 'participate fully in all relevant Tier 1 Competitions in a single Provincial System and Structure.'

The possibility of applying to play in the Munster championship was part of the potential motion, but no province is specified. 

Image: Galway's Joe Canning shows his disappointment after Galway lose the 2016 Leinster final to Kilkenny.

It's reported this weekend that the motion that will go before Congress makes direct references to Leinster which effectively rules out any desire to move to Munster. The line 'Galway shall participate in Leinster' appears three times in the document.

Motions which are passed by county conventions, and are later discussed at Congress, can be returned if they are found to be technically flawed, although no significant changes are permitted.

Leinster Council secretary Michael Reynolds told the Irish Independent:

"Our understanding of the Liam Mellows motion passed at the Galway Convention was that all the Galway county teams would compete in a single provincial championship structure."

"It didn't specify which province that would be but the motion that's due to come before Congress refers to Leinster only. We're at a loss to know where the new wording came from."

The matter is to be discussed by Leinster Council this coming Monday night.

Galway's frustration with their arrangement in the Leinster championship refer to the exclusion of their minor and U21 teams, while the senior team does not get home advantage for their games.

Leinster Council previously voted against Galway's request for their underage teams to join the Leinster championship, after some counties publicly expressed their disapproval to the move.