Genie Bouchard goes on a Twitter "date" after Super Bowl bet

The Canadian tennis star kept her word after promising to go on a date if the Patriots won

Genie Bouchard goes on a Twitter "date" after Super Bowl bet

Genie Bouchard, left, sits with her blind date, John Goehrke. (AP Photo/Frank Franklin II)

"Lesson learned. Never bet against Tom Brady." Those were the words of tennis star Genie Bouchard after Super Bowl LI.

With the Atlanta Falcons looking all but certain of winning the match, the Canadian took to Twitter to say "knew Atlanta would win".

Taking his chance, 20-year-old John Goehrke asked Bouchard on a date if the New England Patriots pulled off the most unlikely of comebacks. Of course, the Patriots were to win the overtime classic, and the World No. 44 kept her word.

Despite the game taking place less than a fortnight ago, Bouchard brought Goehrke to New York, for a date at the Brooklyn Nets match against Milwaukee Bucks. The court side seats were part of the date, and an unforgettable experience for the student. 

The "couple" were even interviewed during the game. No word though, of if there will be a second date.