Goalkeeper destroys ground around penalty area before spot kick

Marwin Hitz compromised the penalty spot in front of the referee before saving the ensuing penalty

Sport can bring out a particularly despicable side to one's personality. The general theme, for some, is that if you have a chance to get ahead then, by all means, take it.

Augsburg's goalkeeper Marwin Hitz clearly feels this way when it comes to penalties that he doesn't think should have been given. 

The Bundesliga game was tied at 0-0 when the referee awarded a penalty that incensed Augsburg players. Hitz saw this as an opportunity to sabotage Anthony Modeste's penalty attempt by digging his boots into the area surrounding the penalty area and spin around to really make sure the area was compromised.

To add insult to injury, Raul Bobadilla went up the other end and scored a looping free-kick to give Augsburg a lead they would not relinquish.

After the game, he tried to smooth things over while attempting to restore his own upstanding reputation by saying, "I would not do this again."

I guess that's easy to say when you've just cheated your way to three points for your team and are sailing off into the sunset with the victory.

The question is 'was it worse than David Luiz' antics?'