"If he gets one, he can get another three" - Tiger Woods on the Major trail

Golf writer Lawrence Donegan chats to Richie McCormack after an incredible weekend

BY Raf Diallo 19:48 Monday 24 September 2018, 19:48 24 Sep 2018

If there was any evidence needed that golf needs Tiger Woods, all you needed to do was to look at the sheer scale of the crowd that followed the former World No 1 to his final shot on the 18th at the Tour Championship.

The 14 time major winner was literally mobbed by a multitude of excited golf fans as he sealed his first tour victory in five years.

And it's not just a case of golf needing Tiger. From the raw emotion in his post round interview, it looks like Tiger needs golf back in his life after a difficult few years beset by injury and personal problems. 

As Woods returns to the winners' circle on the PGA Tour, it's revived hopes that he can challenge again at a Major and attempt to catch Jack Nicklaus 18 Majors record anew.

To discuss that, Richie McCormack was joined by golf writer Lawrence Donegan.

"You could go through the history of great sporting comebacks. I can only think of Muhammad Ali, Bob Champion maybe, something like that maybe," he said.  

"But Tiger, considering where he's been, what's happened with the personal scandals, the injuries, the divorce, the video released last year by the police in Florida of him mumbling and stuttering after he's picked up on the side of a roadway. It was quite amazing."

Donegan added that it was great marketing from the PGA Tour to open the greens for the crowds to gather and capture the imagination of the viewing public and feels "it's probably the greatest comeback in the history of sport" for Woods.

But what does it mean going forward beyond this weekend and the Ryder Cup? Is he buildijng towards being in contention for future Major wins?

Donegan pointed out that developing chipping yips can be the death knell for a career - in comparison to putting yips - and pointing to Martin Kaymer as an example of someone who won't return to his previous level. But "such is Tiger's talent" that he has overcome that and put together a golf game capable of landing a tournament win.

"I think next year will be the denouement. Let's see if he wins a major championship next year," said Donegan.
"If he gets one, he can get another three and he matches Nicklaus. The next two, three, four years, physically if he can stay with it; psychologically he is clearly repaired. What a story it's going to be for the next 2-3 years."   


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