"Good luck trying to get it" - Conor McGregor unfazed by NAC fine

The UFC featherweight champion was fined $150,000 for throwing bottles of water and cans at a press conference before UFC 202

Conor McGregor

Image: John Locher AP/Press Association Images

Conor McGregor admitted that he doesn't see himself fighting in Nevada for the "foreseeable future" after being hit with a $150,000 fine and 50 hours of community service for his behaviour at a press conference leading up to UFC 202.

The Irishman threw water bottles and cans in front of assembled media and fans and was ordered to pay the fine by the Nevada Athletic Commission.

"I thought they might respect [McGregor calling in] a little bit more," McGregor told Rolling Stone magazine. "I owned up. I manned up. I'm here. I apologised.

"I'm not trying to blame nobody, although they fired the rounds off first. I didn't think they would even go that route because I didn't think this was like a real thing. Are they going to come and arrest me or what the f**k is that?

"I wanted to give them the respect, and I felt they would have respected that, but they didn't. So, whatever. It is what it is. Good luck trying to get it."

Turning his attention to whether or not Nate Diaz will face a similar fine, McGregor said: "I do not wish to see Nate get any more or any less than me. I don't want to see either of us have something like this happen. But we'll see. I don't know.

"If they went that way on me I don't know what way they're going to go on him. He threw the bottle first, but I don't wish he gets more than me or anything like that. I just wish we'd get it sorted out and get on with it and carry on."

McGregor has fought his biggest bouts in Las Vegas against Chad Mendes and Jose Aldo to become featherweight champion last year. He then set UFC PPV records this year after defeating Nate Diaz by majority decision in Nevada, to peg back his only defeat in the promotion.

The fine, however, has cast doubt over whether or not he will compete there in the future.

"I don't see Nevada in my future, for the foreseeable future is how I see it," he said. "I'm free to do what I want. … I'm good. I'm good. New York, New York. That's what I think."

He now prepares to make history when he takes on lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez in the main event of UFC 205. Should he beat the Philly native, the 28-year-old would become the first UFC fighter in history to hold two belts in two different weight divisions concurrently.

The UFC comes to Madison Square Garden for the first time since legislation banning mixed martial arts in the state was lifted the first half of this year.