Graham Hunter assesses the job "determined" Paul Clement has at Swansea City

He was speaking on Tuesday night's Off The Ball

BY Cian Roche 16:30 Wednesday 4 January 2017, 16:30 4 Jan 2017

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Paul Clement is fully aware of the task he has on his hands at Swansea City.

The newly appointed head coach for the Welsh club has bags of experience in an assistant and coaching capacity, but how will he cope with being at the helm of a Premier League club for the first time.

Speaking on Tuesday's Off The Ball, Graham Hunter gave his assessment of Clement and the qualities he will bring to the role.

"Aspirational, determined," he said to describe Clement. "I think if you look at his trajectory in comparison to his late father or his brother, football should have been career that opened its arms to him. Instead he had to come at it via a different route. 

"It sums him up that his determination to keep moving forward, whether in youth development or in reserve team coaching. To take risks and leave Chelsea to go with Carlo Ancelotti to Madrid and then to leave to go to Derby.

"He's really ambitious. With regards to the Swansea job, it's a strange time when there are trophies on the horizon at Bayern Munich and he's still learning another culture. If Munich go on to be successful this season and add another Champions League to the CV, I think [Clement's] cache becomes bigger.

"But he's chosen something that fulfills his personal ambition. That has marked him down since he found out he wouldn't be playing professionally at any great level."

Addressing the language barrier he faced at previous clubs, Hunter commented: "Whenever there was a video analysis session or there was something to be said in the dressing room, he would practice them with a native speaker. 

"We all have fears about embarrassment  or tumbling over a tricky word or whether we might be tricked by somebody, sometimes natives speakers try and take the mickey out of someone having a brave go at it. He didn't let any of that trouble him. 

"There's an absolutely vital umbilical link between the player and the coach or the team and the coach."

What is also unique about this experience for Clement, other than the fact he will be head coach at a Premier League club, is that he will be dealing with players who may not operate at the same level as those at Real Madrid or Bayern Munich. 

"In all other instances, buy and large, he's been dealing with elite footballers. Now he's not at Swansea. Beyond not dealing with elite footballers, he's dealing with a group who are dealing with recent failure - I don't think that's too strong - but they're also used to dealing with managers coming and going. 

"He's got an enormous job on his hands. He's got to buy well to ensure the club have the right players for his ideas and coaching."

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