Graphic design genius recreates all 32 NFL logos with Donald Trump in them

Every NFL logo with Donald Trump in them

Sometimes, you need to ask yourself, 'do I have enough Donald Trump in my life?'

While the answer to that is generally YES, and possibly a resounding yes, you could do a lot worse than checking out Uproxx's latest effort. A graphic designer for the website has gone and recreated every NFL logo with the presidential candidate's head in it.

The site outlines Trump's relationship with American Football. The real estate tycoon was smitten with the sport from an early age and wanted so badly to own his own team and be involved in the NFL that he tried to force the USFL to play games at the same time as the wildly successful NFL. The plan did not work and there was even a documentary made about it, which you should check out. 

That is reason enough to go an mock up what each NFL team logo might look like if Donald Trump had of bought the team. As Trump says himself, there's no such thing as bad publicity.

We are beholden to the designer for the Eagles logo in particular. Another personal favourite is the Redskins logo.

And not to forget the classic Atlanta Falcons logo either.