Has Martin O'Neill come to the end of his "managerial arc"?

The Sunday Paper Review assessed the options for Irish football going forward

BY Simon Maguire 21:24 Sunday 19 November 2017, 21:24 19 Nov 2017

Republic of Ireland manager Martin O’Neill. Image: ©INPHO/Morgan Treacy

Mario Rosenstock and Paul Rouse were the guests for The Sunday Paper Review on Off the Ball to look back at the big events of the week.

The fall-out from Ireland's dismal display against Denmark was first up for discussion and whether Martin O'Neill should continue as manager. Despite receiving the backing from several former players including Kevin Moran and Paul McGrath - Rosenstock thinks it's time for a change. 

"Look, for what it's worth, I personally don't think he should stay," he told Joe Molloy, "and here's the reason for this: because I think he has reached the end of his arc. 

"So, everybody has an arc - everybody has a journey and I don't think he's going to improve from here on in. 

"I also think coaches in all sports are found out by their players at the end. Mourinho is a case in point. 

"Coaches have an arc where they tell everybody what they know, they show everybody what they do and eventually the players go 'yeah, yeah I know what you do - you're going to this now' and they kind of find them out and the arc ends.

"I think Martin has played all his cards with the Irish team and I think he's going to go back to square one and shutting up shop and eleven men behind the ball in the next phase and if he does that, it's just going to be the same result as before. 

"I think we need to change. I think we need to change the style," he added. 

The full discussion can be heard here:


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