Henry Shefflin picks the highlight to remember Richie Power by

Kilkenny great pays tribute to his former team-mate on Off The Ball

Richie Power, Kilkenny

Richie Power celebrates scoring the goal ©INPHO/Ryan Byrne

Henry Shefflin says Richie Power's goal in the 2014 All-Ireland final is a highlight which encapsulates his talents.

Power called the halt to a Kilkenny hurling career which yielded eight All-Irelands and amongst many highlights, Shefflin shared one with Off The Ball.

"There's so many highlights. What a lot of people wouldn't have seen was the stuff he did in training," he said.

"He made a lot of forwards look very good because of his first touch, because of his vision and natural talent. I think a snapshot of that was in 2014 and that goal he got in the All-Ireland final. He went high in the sky, up on top of Paddy Stapleton's back, took the ball down and just the way he swivelled his hips to get in a position. His strike then was such a natural strike at the goal. I think that highlighted what we all know and what we've all seen over the years."