"He’s an amateur" - Nate Diaz isn't excited about CM Punk's first fight in the UFC

CM Punk, otherwise known as Phil Brooks, faces Mickey Gall at UFC 203 in September

Nate Diaz

Image: Jeff Chiu / AP/Press Association Images

Nate Diaz is less than impressed that "amateur" CM Punk is allowed to fight in the UFC, ahead of the former WWE superstar's debut in the promotion in September.

Punk, otherwise known as Phil Brooks, will take on Mickey Gall at UFC 203 in Cleveland and Diaz expressed his disgust that someone with very little experience in combat sport can compete at the professional level.

"It's horrible for the sport as far as I'm concerned," he told MMAjunkie, "[The executives] will make a lot of money off it, but I think it's a big old joke.

"I'm watching TV and the fights and all of a sudden this Punk guy comes on with his slicked back hair and his puny f**king nose. There's this big announcement that punk gets to fight in the UFC. I don't dig it.

"He has got no fights. I know he’s a big draw. I looked him up. Everyone’s going to buy tickets. It’s going to be great for the venue and the UFC, but same time, it downgrades all the fighters."

Diaz, who faces Conor McGregor at UFC 202 this Autumn in a rematch of their UFC 196 bout, pointed to the fact that he would be paid disproportionately more than the rest of the fighters because of his reputation with the WWE.

"He might do great, but why does he get a chance? He’s an amateur. You’re going to put an amateur in there with pros? That makes us all amateurs, so I think it’s ridiculous.

"As far as I’m concerned, f**k him, f**k the whole situation and anybody who takes that fight is tripping. They need to either get paid, by all means, if you’re gonna get paid out, fight that f***er.

"If I want to, I can’t go play in the NBA and even Stefan Struve’s big ass. He can’t go play in the NBA if he wants to cause he feels like making a change. For a publicity thing? They wouldn’t pay him no money, and they wouldn’t even let him play. It’s ridiculous."