"I think he got injured last night, I think he limped off the pitch." - Johnny Giles discusses Liverpool under Klopp and Daniel Sturridge

Johnny Giles watched Liverpool demolish Southampton 6-1 last night and seems deeply enamoured with the way Jurgen Klopp has Liverpool playing this early in his tenure as Reds' boss.

"It’s very encouraging for Liverpool supporters." Giles told Ger on Off The Ball,

"All great coaches take the fear out of it from a player’s point of view. His attitude is, when we get the ball everyone is going to look for it, if you make a mistake don't worry about it, I’ll take responsibility for that. So he frees them up to actually go and play with a confidence."

Giles thinks that most managers expect and encourage players to play with confidence but warn them not to lose the ball in certain areas. Klopp's ability to remove that doubt from players' minds means they are far less likely to make mistakes and in this way, Klopp is on the ball.

"It’s good to watch and it’s a very positive way to play football."


The return of Daniel Sturridge from a series of injuries was another high point for Liverpool fans and Giles believes he is exceptionally talented but might have to take heed of Klopp's word on managing pain, "He’s an exceptionally good player, he’s proven that."

"There are lads in the game who have injuries before they get them." Giles continued,

"I think he got injured last night, I think he limped off the pitch. I thought he was injured going off so we will have to wait and see how he is for the weekend."

Sturridge was sensational on his return to the starting team and could prove to be the missing piece of an offensive puzzle that could yet contend for the Premier League title. Sturridge will have to remain injury free, however, if that is to happen.