Jim Gavin unhappy with suggestions of eye gouging with James McCarthy

The Dublin half-back was sent off on a second yellow against Donegal on Saturday night

Jim Gavin unhappy with suggestions of eye gouging with James McCarthy

©INPHO/Donall Farmer

Dublin comfortably maintained their unbeaten League record last night with a 1-10 to 0-07 victory over All-Ireland 2012 victors Donegal.

There was a strong exhibition of scores but exchanges were fraught at times which resulted in Dublin's James McCarthy and Donegal captain Michael Murphy receiving their marching orders.

Michael Murphy was handed a second yellow card for allegedly mis-timing a slide in on Brian Fenton in a battle for possession which triggered a small fracas among the players. James McCarthy and Martin McElhinney were seen to have a minor scrap in the aftermath, which the Dublin player was punished for with a second yellow card and an early exit from the game.

When the footage of that altercation was slowed down, it shows McCarthy's finger stray close to his eye area and when Off The Ball's Dave McIntyre asked Jim Gavin to give his response on this, the Dublin boss said he hadn't seen the tape and said that suggesting there was anything intentional about it, was a "strong allegation."

''I think that's a very strong allegation you're making there to me, particularly since I haven't seen the tape. To be suggesting there was something malicious, I don't think that's very fair.''

''There's lots of incidents in the game, if you slow them down to the tenth of a second playback, things won't look as pretty as they would in real time.''