"I was pissed off": Dublin club footballer fuming that GAA player-coach contract was leaked onto social media

A contract from within the St Brigid's GAA club was leaked onto social media during the week

"I was pissed off": Dublin club footballer fuming that GAA player-coach contract was leaked onto social media

John O'loughlin in action for St Brigid's

A member of a Dublin football club has expressed his anger at the leaking of a confidential contract from within the club which appeared on social media during the week.

The contract contained a number of requirements which the players are expected to observe, and failure to do so would result in expulsion from the panel.

The public reaction to the contract was largely negative, with many questioning why adult players in an amateur sport, should be confined to signing such a document.

Mark Byrne, the St Brigid's manager, subsequently spoke out in defence of the contract. And speaking to Marie Crowe in the Sunday Independent today, St Brigid's player John O'Loughlin also responded to the story.

The Laois man said he agrees with much of what the contract contained, and articulated his disappointment at the contract being released into the public sphere.

"I was pissed off; annoyed because whether it's a club or county meeting the unspoken rule is that whatever is said and discussed stays in the room. I was bothered because it shouldn't have happened." 

"The Dublin championship is the most competitive in the country and as a team, we haven't been any way competitive in the last few years. We have limped out of the championship. Obviously we all want to win and to get properly competitive again. There was nothing unbelievable in the contract only the fact that it was a contract."

Extracts of the club WhatsApp group were also infiltrated and posted online, something which O'Loughlin was equally upset with.

"I'm very pissed off about that. It has to be dealt with and I think the management team and the senior players will investigate that and I don't want to be sounding petty but it shouldn't happen in any team, no matter what level. You are in a WhatsApp group with your mates and lads you take to the field of battle with; it should be private."