"I would scrap all the women's records"

Jerry Kiernan talks athletics with OTB

BY Joseph Conroy 22:00 Tuesday 8 August 2017, 22:00 8 Aug 2017

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As the World Championships continue in London, we were joined on the show by former Olympian Jerry Kiernan.

When asked about Ciara Mageean's failure to qualify from her 1500m heat on Friday night the coach replied, "There are pretty good reasons as to why Ciara probably didn’t progress and make it to the final."

He added that, "certain issues need to be resolved," but could not disclose the nature of these issues.

"I should be paying these athletes because I get so much satisfaction out of the whole thing," he told Off The Ball, commenting on the joy he gets from his coaching work. He admitted that his continued involvement is partially due to some form of "vanity" and a desire to be the "best" at what he does.

When the conversation moved onto the issue of PEDs, the former athlete said that he believes that many standing records will never be matched.

"I would scrap all the women's records," he revealed to OTB.

"Simply because it was with testosterone, it was easier to manipulate performances from women than it would be for men. How you do it - I don’t know," he continued.

He believes that modern doping controls are working and that the risk of being caught has never been greater, if athletes attempt to gain an unfair advantage.

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