IABA and Donegal Boxing board accuse student of fabricating a story about winning a European title

The Donegal Boxing Board have said they will not be taking this matter lightly

IABA and Donegal Boxing board accuse student of fabricating a story about winning a European title

Francisco Seco AP/Press Association Images

The IABA and Donegal Boxing Board have accused a local student of fabricating a story that he won a European boxing title during the week.

Ethan Ó Domhnaill of Letterkenny IT said he had won a European Colleges lightweight title in England. His supposed achievements were covered by Donegal Sport Hub and other local media outlets. His college also posted messages about him before and after the tournament.

But news of his victory was greeted with suspicion by boxing fans within the county. Peter O'Donnell, the President of the Donegal Boxing Board told Donegal Sport Hub that he contacted Ó Domhnaill directly to discuss the matter but claims that the student 'immediately hung up' when he realised who it was.

In a statement, O'Donnell also said that this 'is a very serious matter and 'one that we aren't taking lightly.'

"There were no European College Championships on this week and the Irish Athletic Third-Level Boxing Association (IATBA) have not had any boxers away on representative duty. I have checked the records and there is no possible way that this man could have boxed this week. He could not have stepped into a ring as he has no medical card and has no affiliation."

He added that actions like this, show a lack of respect for those who are serious competitors that get little reward for their efforts.

"He claimed to have boxed twice in the one day but, of course, under amateur boxing rules, this could not have happened. There are other boxers out there, working, training and fighting trying to earn funding and to have this happening on our door step and potentially damaging their chances is not on."

"I contacted this man (Ó Domhnaill) myself this morning, but when he realised who I was he immediately hung up. It is clear what is happening here and it is very concerning. The Colleges Championships have not yet taken place and when they do it will be under the auspicies of the IATBA. There is no record of these so-called Championships this week anywhere and I would ask that this man apologise for what he has done.

"I will be contacting LyIT to make them aware of the situation and last night at the Senior Championship finals in Dublin I made the IABA officials aware of what had happened."