IABA to host a box-off to decide final European Championships spot

Super Heavyweights Dean Gardiner and Martin Keenan go head-to-head in the National Stadium at 8pm

The IABA have decided to hold a box-off between two boxers put forward for the final place on the team for this summer's European Championships.

The governing body is currently in a state of disarray, with the current Board of IABA accepting that selection of athletes for international competition should rest with the High Performance Management Team.

However in a statement this evening, the IABA state: "The current Rule Book adopted in 2006, provides that it is the Central Council who currently have the authority either, to select or put in place alternative arrangements for selection."

The Central Council say they "take into account" the recommendations of the High Performance Team.

They continue: "In respect of selection for next month’s European Championships the High-Performance Management Team had recommended a Box off at super heavyweight and if  a box off was not acceptable the only other option put forward would be the current National Champion, Martin Keenan be chosen in that division.

"The Central Council chose to select Dean Gardiner over Martin Keenan.

"After careful consideration, last weekend, the Central Council revised that decision and provided as allowed for in the Rule Book to hold a box off between Dean Gardiner and Martin Keenan for the right to represent Ireland in that division at the European Championship."

The box-off will now go ahead at the National Stadium this evening with the winner earning the place on the team.

The fight will consist of three, three-minute rounds.