Iceland holiday company offer England players whale-watching trip for "wounded pride"

Iceland are certainly have a whale of a time at Euro 2016

An Iceland holiday company has offered the English squad a free whale-watching trip to ease their worries when, as the company's owner believes, Iceland beat England on Monday.

The two sides square off on Monday after the Gylfi Sigurdsson-led side pipped Austria at the post with a late goal to finish second in their group, which resulted in Portugal dropping to third and out of England's path to the quarter-finals.

The day-trip has been offered as a "bandage for wounded pride" and while it might not be ideal to be knocked out, Iceland's famous topography is something to behold. 

Gudbjartur Jonsson posed with tickets for the advanced date of June 28 along with a message for the English players saying, “It is only polite and a part of the Icelandic hospitality culture to offer the free tickets.

"The poor English players will anyways not be able to return immediately to England after the match on Monday, as 60 million English football fans will be furious when losing to a small island state with only 300,000 inhabitants.

“Therefore we offer a peaceful day with whale-watching in a small town in Northern Iceland with beautiful nature and nice people. That should be the perfect compensation.”