If the Chicago Cubs don't win the World Series it will still be seen as a successful season

The Cubs are 3-1 down and facing an uphill battle

BY Sinéad Farrell 22:09 Tuesday 1 November 2016, 22:09 1 Nov 2016

Image: Matt Marton AP/Press Association Images

The Chicago Cubs are currently trailing the Cleveland Indians by 3-2 after five games in the World Series and history is not on their side.

No team has overturned a 3-1 deficit to win the World Series in more than three decades but that is the fate that has befallen the Cubs. The Cubs won game five in Chicago and are in Cleveland tonight to try and bring the sides to a level score.

Ron Rapoport of the Chicago Sun-Times spoke to Joe Molloy on Off The Ball this evening and he said that even if they don't prevail to win the World Series, the fans will still reflect on this season as a successful one.

"I think if they lost in Chicago - those three games, then they would have felt it was an anti-climax and part the curse asserting itself for all these years. But if they lose the next game or two, then they would have some redemption, they would still see it as a successful season. Sure it'd be great to win the whole World Series but the fact that they won that game and extended it to six or even seven games gives some feeling of accomplishment. If they were to do it all, it would be the greatest moment in Cubs' history or at least in the last 100 years."

"I think they got their absolution on Sunday and even if they lose game six or seven, everything will be ok. The Indians are part of this too and if they were to win it would be a great story too, it's just not as exciting or sexy as the downtrodden Cubs."

Looking ahead to the game tonight, Rapoport said that the performance of Jake Arrieta could determine its outcome.

"It all depends on Jake Arrieta who's the Cubs' pitcher and when he's good he's pretty hard to beat but has had a couple of not so great games at the end of the season. If he's on, they might have a chance. So I think it's going to come down to which teams' pitchers can contain the other team's batters. I think maybe the Indians could win this game.

Remarking on the impact of the World Series on Chicago, Rapoport said that ticket prices are rumoured to be as high as $150,000 and that some bars are charging $1,200 just for admission into the premises.

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