"I'm a little bit pissed off" - Bob Bradley reacts to Swansea sacking

The American was speaking to Jim White on talkSPORT on Wednesday morning

BY Cian Roche 19:20 Wednesday 28 December 2016, 19:20 28 Dec 2016

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Bob Bradley expressed frustration over his sacking as manager of Swansea City and claimed the decision was not the correct one.

Speaking to talkSPORT host Jim White, the American questioned the decision and also said that he makes no excuses for his side's results.

Bradley spent 11 games in charge of the club and was at the helm for a total of 85 days before being relieved of his duties.

"I’m a little bit pissed off this morning," Bradley said. "I don’t think it’s the correct decision.

"I believe in my work and I certainly knew that I was going into a difficult situation and I also understand that when you go in the clock’s already ticking, so it’s not like you’re expecting all sorts of time.

"The discussions we had always included the work that needed to be done in January - we had talked about players.

"I’m frustrated because I feel like every place I’ve been, I’ve been able to put my stamp on the team in terms of the mentality, in terms of the football and the tactics.

"I knew when I arrived at Swansea I knew the most difficult thing was just to secure points, and that any new football ideas needed to be introduced very gradually. What we needed more than anything was just to do well enough to give us a platform… and I’m disappointed in myself that in the short run I couldn’t make that happen."

Bob Bradley before Swansea's St. Stephen's day defeat at home to West Ham. Image: Simon Galloway / PA Wire/PA Images 

He took aim at the club's officials and pointed out that positive work had been done during his time, even if the results didn't match.

"I think they [the club board] need to realise that the work was good and even though the results haven’t been what we would have wanted, turning around a team at the bottom of the table and low on confidence is one of the most difficult things you can do as a manager.

"I knew when I came that I had to prove myself and I’m disappointed that in the short run we couldn’t do that, but it’s football and I don’t make excuses.

"In the whole time that I’ve been here I have never made excuses, I’ve never thrown a player under the bus - I’ve taken responsibility because I believe that’s how you lead.

"I hope that somewhere along the line I can find another opportunity to challenge myself and keep moving forward."

You can listen to the full interview by here.

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