In Pictures: 'Cyborg' Santos undergoes seven hours of surgery to fix fractured skull

He suffered the injury during a bout with Michael 'Venom' Page

Cyborg Santos

Image: Twitter

Evangelista 'Cyborg' Santos suffered one of the most disturbing injuries you're likely to see this month at Bellator 158 during his welterweight bout with Michael 'Venom' Page.

Page delivered a flying knee which connected with Santos and fractured his skull. 'Cyborg' immediately hit the mat clutching his head and Page received some criticism for his celebration. While his opponent lay on the ground, 'MVP' rolled a Pokeball toward him in light of the hugely popular Pokemon Go app.

Santos posted some graphic images of the injury after the bout and now has taken to social media again to show the truly remarkable job done by surgeons to treat the injury. Santos spent seven hours under the knife and comes away with some heavy scarring on the top of his head as well as some swelling in his face.

"I had surgery yesterday, and thank God everything went fine," Santos told MMA Fighting. "It lasted seven hours, and the hospital will give Bellator a full report later today. God guided the doctors in this surgery so everything went well."