Indian batsman reaches 300 in T20 innings

Mohit Ahlawat was the first player to score a triple century

Indian batsman reaches 300 in T20 innings

Picture by Nigel French EMPICS Sport

An Indian batsman has created history by becoming the first player to score a triple-century in an official T20 match. 

Mohit Ahlawat scored an unbeaten 300, from 72 balls, as the Maavi XI defeated Friends XI in Dehli on Tuesday afternoon. The batsman's total dwarfs Chris Gayle's IPL record of 175 not out, which was set in 2013.

Ahlawat has never played international cricket, but is set to enter the IPL Auction, off the back of his record-breaking score. His innings on Tuesday included 39 sixes and 14 fours, which accounted for 292 of the 300 runs.

The 21-year-old scored five sixes in the last over to reach the historic mark of 300. He told ABP Live after the game, that he was unaware of any records until he neared the 200 mark.

"I saw the scoreboard, and I was nearing my 200 with five overs to go, so I decided to go for the kill. I reached 250 with just two overs to go, I told my partner, let me try if I can make 300, and I got 30 off the last over."

While Ahlawat remains a relatively unknown figure in India, his record-breaking knock will surely help the star gain bigger opportunities in the near future.