International attendees of Rio Olympics are warned against cyber-criminals

Travellers are told to bring "clean devices"

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In this file photo illustration, hands type on a computer keyboard in Los Angeles | Image: Damian Dovarganes / AP/Press Association Images

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence in America have uploaded a video to YouTube to highlight the dangers of cyber-crime.

The video, which takes place "In a foreign airport...", has been released in time for the Rio Olympics, which the government is concerned will be a hotbed for cyber-criminals to steal from unsuspected visitors.

The Summer Olympics this year will take place from the 5th to the 21st of August, and U.S. government's new campaign of "Know The Risk: Raise Your Shield" can be found on the National Counterintelligence and Security Center's website, with the primary highlights of the campaign being:

• Leave unnecessary devices at home.
• Back up data on devices in use and leave those copies in secure locations at home.
• Change passwords at regular intervals during travel and on return.
• Avoid prolonged sessions on local Wi-Fi networks.
• Submit company devices for examination on return for presence of malware.

The lead-up to the Olympics has been burdened with one problem after another, from the Zika virus to a political and economic crisis, and this latest potential cyber crime problem is yet another hurdle for the event to overcome.