Investigation has been launched into coin thrown at West Brom's Chris Brunt

The incident took place after West Brom suffered a 3-1 defeat to Reading in the FA Cup

Investigation has been launched into coin thrown at West Brom's Chris Brunt

Scott Heavey / PA Wire/Press Association Images

The FA and police have launched an investigation into an incident in which a coin was thrown at a player following an FA Cup tie between West Bromwich Albion and Reading yesterday.

It is believed that West Brom player Chris Brunt, was struck in the face with a coin by a disgruntled Baggies supporter after he approached the Reading fans at the end of the game to applaud their victory.

While trying to giving his jersey to a young fan, the Northern Ireland player was seen to be hunched over and clutching his face. Brunt quickly lifted his head and verbalised his disgust in the direction of those who he believed to have thrown the coin at him. Brunt suffered a cut under the eye as a result of being hit by the missile.   

It has since emerged that the FA, in conjunction with the police, will launch an investigation into the incident that took place at the Madejski Stadium.

A statement from the FA said: 

''The FA is investigating the incident in which an object was thrown from the crowd at Chris Brunt at the end of the Reading v West Bromwich Albion game on Saturday (20 February 2016) as well as the crowd disturbances in the away section of the stadium.''

Speaking in relation to the coin attack directly after the game, Brunt said:

''Obviously there’s some people in the front who were angry, understandably, because we didn’t play well or get the result we wanted. But there’s absolutely no excuse for that and no place for it in football. I’ve been here a long time. Obviously we all get our fair share of stick but to be hit with a coin by your own fans is absolutely disgusting.''

''The guy who threw it knows who he is and knows all this week where I’ll be, and next Saturday if he wants to come and have a word about it that’s not a problem – I’ll meet him wherever he wants.

“I’ve still got the 50p,” Brunt said. “I spotted a little girl in the front row and wanted to give her my shirt. 

I’ve been here a long time and I’ve loved my time here and that’s the first time I’ve been ashamed of our supporters. A small minority obviously ruined it for the rest of the 4,000 who were there and paid good money for a day trip.”