Investigations launched into death of MMA fighter who died in Dublin this week

The postmortem of Portuguese fighter Joao Carvalho concluded last night

Investigations launched into death of MMA fighter who died in Dublin this week

Adam Davy / EMPICS Sport

Two separate investigations have been launched into the death of MMA fighter Joao Carvalho, who died this week following the injuries he sustained during a tournament in the National Stadium in Dublin last weekend.

Following an examination of Carvalho's body yesterday, the gardaí will continue to investigate the details surrounding the 28-year-old's death. In addition to that, the Health and Safety Authority will assess whether or not the body should launch a full-scale investigation. 

In a statement, the HSA said:

"Generally, people who suffer injury or death during sporting activity fall outside of the remit of the HSA. We will, however, examine the circumstances of this tragic incident to determine if there is an employer/employee relationship and if we have a role."

The gardaí will present their findings to the Dublin Coroner's Court, although this process is likely to take a number of months to complete. This is generally the case with sudden deaths. 

Total Extreme Fighting, the tournament in which Joao Carvalho was participating in, was on its first promotion on the night that the Portuguese fighter suffered the fatal injuries. After the fight, Carvalho fell ill and was transferred to Beaumont hospital where he spent 48 hours in a critical condition before he died. 

Six deaths have occurred at sanctioned MMA fights, including the tragic passing of Carvalho. And according to the Irish Independent, there have been at least eight fatalities since 1981 at unlicensed events.