"Ireland's dirty secret" - A group of Canadians watch hurling for the first time

The group were impressed by what they saw

When you have something so unique, why not show it off to everyone? 

That was the mentality of the Play Hurling YouTube channel when they showed hurling to a group of Canadians for the first time. The general consensus was that the game shared many characteristics with Lacrosse.

While the viewers were shocked by the skill and intensity of the game, one person could not get their head around the speed, asking if the footage they were watching was sped up.

"It's shaped in the most aggressive way", was one reaction to holding a hurl, despite the similarities to ice hockey sticks that are found all around Canada. One person even went as far to call one "a murder weapon".

The most apt description of a Canadian's view on hurling can be described as; "This is like playing baseball, while running around, with hockey sticks that look sharp".