''It's a shock to the system'' - Steven Gerrard discusses how the LA climate has impacted on him

The Liverpool legend now plies his trade in the MLS

''It's a shock to the system'' - Steven Gerrard discusses how the LA climate has impacted on him

Mark J. Terrill / AP/Press Association Images

Just over a year has passed since Steven Gerrard left his Merseyside comforts to follow the footsteps of Robbie Keane and David Beckham by signing for LA Galaxy.

And while movements like this are considered to be the modern way of easily assimilating into retirement, the transfer has presented some difficulties for Gerrard. He continues to pine for home at times and the traffic congestion on the 405 freeeway can be frustrating. But it's the sweltering climate that Gerrard struggles with the most.

Speaking to the Saturday Independent, Gerrard said:

''It is a shock to the system. In the warm-up, you can't breathe, you get this barbed-wire feeling in your throat. After half an hour you hit a brick wall and it takes maybe five, 10 seconds to find your second wind. When you get to 60 minutes, you feel as if you have played 120.''

''You are playing against 11 men who are used to these conditions. It is the challenge that we, as Galaxy players, have to face. The owners have put a pretty decent team together, and everybody is desperate to beat us.''

And unsurprisingly, the Champions League winning captain says that he wishes his medal cabinet from his Premier League days, was a little more populated with honours. 

"You look back at the highs and the lows. I always recognise that I achieved some incredible things. But I also reflect on some of the lows and wish that they were different, that I had achieved a little more.

"I don't think I'll ever be at peace. When it comes to football, I'm quite hungry, quite selfish. I want more than perhaps I can have. Maybe I'm a bit like a kid, a bit immature, when it comes down to that. I wish I was sitting here with an extra 10 medals."